Product benefits

If you’re looking for a slightly different gift for kids, our personalised books provide a perfect alternative that’s guaranteed to make them feel special.

A story where you can make someone dear to you the hero character makes for an imaginative present – and the giver can even have their personal message printed on the inside cover of the book.

You customise the main characters with the appearance and names of your choice. We then feed these characters into the book and send you a saddle-stitched paperback version of the storybook by mail. Simple as that!

A personalised illustrated storybook makes a great gift for young children, and is an ideal way to get them to love reading. The experience is more real for your child, so learning is made easier.

Your child will engage with and learn from a story that is about them. Being the hero of the story can also boost your child’s self-esteem, plus he will feel greater ownership as he is the main character.

The books are educational and fun, so your child will want to read, and will beg you to read them with her. It will also potentially give your child a head start over their peers in reading at primary school.

Why Should you Buy the Storybook?

– The story is personalised and customized so your child will engage with a story that is about them

– As it is sent as a book rather than a download, it will become a ‘souvenir’ of your child’s formative years

– Illustrated picture books are an important way for you to spend time with your child

– The story features your child’s friends, which helps your child to bond and make new friendships with peers

– As it is personalised, your book is an ideal special gift for your child. The giver will be remembered as they can leave a message on the website which will be printed in the front inside cover of the book (e.g. ‘Love from Aunty Maud’)

– Your personalized storybook is educational and fun, so your child will want to read, and will beg you to read it with them

– You can order the book online, which saves time – and you aren’t limited by store opening hours – you can order 24/7

– The storybook’s illustrations were created by an award-winning Illustrator

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