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The Mystery of the Missing Letters: Boys

The Mystery of the Missing Letters: Boys

Follow your child and his friend on their adventure through Letterland, as they encounter some interesting characters along the way.

The hero and his friend are invited to Letterland to help the King solve a puzzling mystery – the letters are missing from some of their words, and it is up to the intrepid kids to find out who is responsible!

On the way they meet some strange and wonderful characters, who join in on the adventure and help them solve the mystery…

You customise three main characters with the appearance and names of your choice. There is one hero character (a young boy or girl), their friend, and an adult character. We then feed these characters into the book and send you a saddle-stitched paperback version of the story book by mail.

The Mystery of the Missing Letters is ideal for children aged 4 – 8 years.

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The Mystery of the Missing Letters: Boys