6 benefits of personalised book reading

Children can sometimes find book reading an overwhelming experience, particularly when they are given a target number of titles to complete within a fixed timeframe at school. Finding reading material that kids will find engaging and fun is the key to making sure they don’t see reading as a dull chore.

Reading a personalised storybook is a great way for parents to introduce children to highly relevant content that they will have an emotional attachment to. It can have numerous benefits for a young reader, as it is an activity that calls on past experiences.

Below are six of the principal benefits of personalised book reading.

1. A young reader can draw on his or her experience to make sense of the story. This in turn makes the events of the story more meaningful. The personalised book can also act as a ‘springboard’ for sharing other experiences – for example, a parent might ask their child related questions to check their understanding of the story, based on the child’s own experiences.

2. Seeing their likeness and reading or hearing their name in a story will motivate children to engage with the story to a greater degree than if they were reading about other unrelated characters.

3. Children’s attention spans are limited at the best of times. A personalised book, where they and their friends and loved ones are the ‘hero’ characters, is most likely to hold their attention sufficiently long for a positive learning outcome.

4. Reading a personalised storybook is an ideal way for a parent to bond with their child. Not only does it provide an opportunity to spend quality time together, but it also gives your child vital exposure to their most important teacher – you.

5. A personalised book is a great way to boost a child’s self-esteem. Seeing himself as the hero of the story will help build a child’s confidence, while familiarity with the story from repeat reading will almost certainly result in an improvement in reading skills.

6. If you are struggling to find a Christmas or birthday present for a young child,  a personalised book makes for an ideal gift that is slightly out of the ordinary. It will also become a souvenir for years to come.

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